New added files are already marked as watched

Hi, using latest version of app on my ATV. So I’ve recently noticed an issue (didn’t notice it before), when I add new files in my movies collection folder on a remote SMB drive, which is connected to Infuse, those files are already marked as watched, even though I didn’t watch them yet. After I mark it as Unwatched, it stays Unwatched until I watch it as expected. I’m also using Trakt sync if it helps, thx.

If you are using trakt and trakt has it marked as watch that will carry over to infuse, even if it is the first time infuse has seen that video. You might check to see if other devices/people are also signed in to your trakt account.

Nope, no one else is using my Trakt account, if it was Trakt I would also see this item as watched there (or re-watched), but it’s not. So when I add new item in a folder, I don’t see it as watched in Trakt (because no one watched it yet), but it’s marked as watched in Infuse.

I’ve also noticed, that when I delete movie that I’ve already watched and put new one in a folder after, I see new one with old metadata (from the movie that I’ve deleted previously) until I clear cache from settings. But even when metadata is updated after It’s already marked as watched. Maybe it’s related somehow.

Are these movie titles (maybe different files) you’ve watched before in Infuse?

Infuse will link watched history for multiple copies of the same video together.

For example, you watch a 1080p version of Inception and then a new file which is a 4K version. The 4K version would appear at as watched.

Nope, unfortunately. The flow is pretty simple. Every movie file which I put in a folder on my storage which is shared to Infuse is marked as watched already, those are the movies which I never watched before.

Just to make sure I understand what you’re seeing, can you post a screen cap of what your seeing for one of the marked movies?

Of course.

So here you see 3 movies. Her and Ready or not were also previously marked as watched, but I’ve marked them as unwatched, and also started watching Her, as you see by progress. But The Dig is the movie I’ve put in a folder just right before this post, I never watched it before.

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Thanks for that! That is a odd issue. I’m going to let the pros answer this one for now. If I can figure out a possible cause I’ll chime back in. :wink:

If you’d be up for a test, could you take any small video and name it

“Carbon Nation 2011.mkv”

(use what ever video type extension you actually have) then add that to your movie folder and see if it shows as marked?

I tried to pick a very “off the beaten trail” movie so I hope this isn’t one you already have. :slight_smile: :smile:

Huh, I’ve shot a short video, renamed it and moved it to Movies folder. And here you go :wink:

So it showed up as unwatched from the start?

I don’t know how big your Infuse library is but for some reason it’s seeing those you showed as already watched. If it really gets to be an issue you could do the nuclear option and delete the Infuse data and iCloud sync data and start fresh. Somewhere there’s a history that Infuse is seeing.

Yes, it showed as unwatched. Actually, those are the 3 only movies I have now in my storage. Infuse library is empty.

Seems nuclear solution worked, removed app out of everywhere, re-installed and seems that all the movies I’ve added are marked as unwatched so far. Will keep on monitoring, thx.

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Thanks for the update! I’m guessing the cobwebs are dusted out now so things should stay right. :wink:

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