New 2.3 update causing lots of issues

I’m on firmware 5.2 and updated 2 ATV2 devices to flash black 2.3. Both units are now having numerous buffering issues nearly every 60 seconds on both infuse and xbmc. Many mkv and mp4 files that formerly played on 2.2 give an error that they are not compatible. AirPlay is not working at all and streaming is giving me audio only and a black loading screen…when not buffering. I am getting constant messages that my wireless network may not be fast enough too. None of these issues happened in 2.2. Please allow either a roll back or update with a patch ASAP! Both my ATV2 units are now basically unusable. Others have reported similar results around the web.

I have had this problem with several upgrades in the past. What always fixes it for me was to reboot all my networking hardware (router etc). Why this helps me I have no idea.

That was the first thing I tried with no correction.

Having the same issue, tried to continue an episode I was watching before the update and only get hissing from infuse and nothing what so ever in Plex now, Plex just freezes. Rebooted everything nothing helps.


One thing to try would be to remove XBMC. We’ve tried to make Infuse as compatible as possible with XBMC, but it’s possible the recent XBMC update may have included some changes that are causing problems again.

Is your Apple TV connected to an AV receiver or just a TV?

If you’re connected to just a TV and are getting audio hissing you may try disabling the AC3 audio option found in the Infuse > Settings > Playback menu.

I just want to update that I unplugged my ATV2’s from power overnight, then reconnected and my issues have been corrected. Very odd, but I’m happy they work now.

Ok, good to hear.

Let us know if the issue pops up again.

Is there a way to downgrade or uninstall this new infuse thingy cause it’s driving me nuts with all the buffering issues. I have tried everything suggested in this and other threads, i even sent two support tickets but no one answers and judging by the answers in this thread no one seems to know what’s going on.

Hello … is there anybody out there?