New 1TB Lacie Grand - Questions!

Just got a new Lacie 1 TB hd… couldn’t wait to get it hooked up to ATV. It does work, but I have a question that might seem silly. I was only able to format the drive in FAT32 if I used a 32GB partition (in windows 7). I did a test and created two partitions of 32gb each and then copied a ripped DVD movie into each partition. It works fine… shows up in NITO TV as two different volumes (I called them movies and movies2), the movies played perfectly.

My question is this: is there a way to format the entire 1tb so that ATV sees it as one volume or will I need to break it up into 32gb partitions? I do have access to a mac book if that would help… although I do have a hard time spelling mac. Any help is appreciated.

I just installed a new WD 1 TB drive on mine. Formatted it with my MacBook Pro. Everything shows up fine.

Yes, you can format the entire drive in FAT32 by following the guide here: