Neutered bass on DTS-HD Master and True HD tracks

I finally got a chance to sit down and test some films and demos doing an A B comparison between my AppleTV 4k 3rd gen with Infuse vs Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 with Plex on my home theater and something is seriously off. I immediately noticed a pretty large absence of bass from my subwoofer with the ATV and Infuse combo with the same volume on my receiver. Plex was the same. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the latest 44 kHz issue of tvOS 17.1 impacting the LFE channel. This is not a volume issue or volume normalization as raising the volume barely impacts the bass. DTS-HD tracks seem a lot worse than True HD.

Receiver info shows the LFE channel so not sure why there is close to zero bass on this DTS-HD Master track. I dont want to post any copyrighted content as a sample. But would be happy to send to an admin. What else can I look at?

Setup: AppleTV 4k > Denon X4400H > LG OLED C8
tvOS: 17.2 (21K5341f) Beta
Infuse: Infuse Pro 7.7 (4620) Beta

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