Ok so correct me if I am wrong please I was able to jail break my ATV today installed aTV flash black to be able to stream them from the computer downstairs I need to have nitotv installed and create a share point? if so thats supposed to be under nitotv>network  my issue is I dont have the network menu in nitotv any help would be great

No - you do not need to use nitoTV at all if you have the FireCore software installed!

Is the FireCore Media Player installed (If not this can be done via the Maintenance menu)?    If you go to the Setting menu in the Media Player it gives you a “Manage Shares” option where you can add new AFP or SMB shares.

I do have the media center and I was able to connect it to my other pc however it only gives me folders like the default ones not were I actually have my media shared on another drive. any ideas on how to do this would be most helpful


So on my windows 7 machine it only sees users documents and not my f: were I have my things stored


UPDATE** got it and for anyone with a similar issue make sure the is shared for everyone under sharing