Network too slow?

Hi All,

I have a 1TB hard drive hooked into my router and I’m gettting great transfer speeds when I’m loading movies onto the hard drive or playing anything off it on any of my PC’s… when I try to play a movie on my ATV2 in the media player I get an alert saying that my network is too slow to play the file…

any suggestions how I can fix this?

All my extras are updated on my ATV2

What type of files are these?

This error will appear when the AppleTV is using data faster than it’s coming in. You can ignore the error and it will not appear again, but you may see buffering while the movie plays.

If possible, using a wired connection will provide better performance.

Hi James,


Thanks for the reply… I had it wired and it was giving me this error then I went wireless and its still there… it was an MKV file that has been giving me these problems so I converted it to MP4 and still no luck.

I watched an entire movie of Captain America with no problem but these files (full season of True Blood in HD) is being really difficult.