Network / storage suggestions..??



I recently got the aTV2 and also the latest Firecore updates. I’m now trying to get a wireless network going at home and got a few queries.

I currently have a WD 2TB usb desktop HDD and wondering how I could share this HDD with the aTV. My idea was to perhaps get a network router such as the Apple Airport Express…but would the Apple Aiport Express be fast enought to stream movies from a USB attached storage or would it actually require a gigabit connection??


I can still swap the WD 2TB usb HDD to a ethernet supported one but then I would comprimise the amount of storage (ie down to 1TB) for the same price.


Any suggestions??

Share the disk with Windows; although this will require the desktop to be on whenever you want to stream.  Alternatively your other method of swapping for an ethernet model will acocmplish the same thing. 

I have an Airport Extreme Base Station. Have my WD External connected to it and I have it set as a Share. Added the folders needed to my Favs and then the ATV can either link via WiFi or with an Ethernet Cable.

Have never tried it with the Airport Express.

Hi Ed,

did you ever encounter any streaming problems with the AP Extreme setup? Do all movie formats play smoothly and without mentionable delay?


Have USB drive pluged into my NETGEAR WNDR3700 router seen by ATV2 no problem.


I thought you could just plug it into the back of the atv?