Network Speed slow over smb?

When i use Jellyfin to share my Media from PC i get over 960mbit, but when use direct the PC over SMB i get only 560mbit. I have tested all SMB option and all the same speed. Only with Jellyfin i get full speed in Infuse Pro. My Medias are on very fast m2 NVMe, that’s not the problem. Why is over Jellyfin so fast and the connection over smb so slow?

Different protocols have different levels of overhead, and speeds can vary based on the source device and environment.

Generally, http-based streaming (WebDAV, Jellyfin, Emby, Plex) will have the highest potential speeds so it’s normal for these to outperform other options like SMB or NFS.

With that said, the 560Mb speeds you are seeing with SMB will be plenty fast for streaming even the largest 100GB+ HDR files.

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Ok thx.

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