Network/SMB SLOW!

Having some issues with network in general, but SMB share in specific.
When it works, it is flawless. But my problem is that every time the ATV
goes to sleep mode, it somehow looses connection and obvious having troubles
getting it back.

I have shared my server via SMB and when the ATV is woken from sleep mode,
it takes about 4-5 minutes before I actually can access the share.
Any idea of what the issue might be?

And a really noob question, how to reboot the ATV? Pressing “menu + play”-buttons
only put it in dft-mode - wright? Then I need to hook up my PC every time rebooting it
with the application. That can´t be the way to go - or could it?



Hold Menu + Down Key for 5 seconds to do a hard reboot.

Sounds like you might have jailbroken with the tethered boot?   If so redo the jailbreak with the untethered boot and you can then reboot the ATV2 without the need to re-connect it to your PC to complete the boot.