Network shares (SMB) slow again after latest update

Is it me or has something changed again after 6.3 ?
Last year when 5 was at its last stages something was wrong with the SMB protocol in Infuse.
The issue has been fixed when 6 came out but now its back to square 1. I’m getting buffering on high bitrate movies again.

I did a speed test on one of the shares on a apple timecapsule and got 60 mbps average. That explains it. The 4k movies I stream are all around 70-100. I copied the same movie to my mac and got even worse 45-50mbps average.

Restarted the Apple Tv and then got max 80 mbps. Thats still nothing tbh. And with 19 as a minimum! So a sudden drop and then back to 80 again.

Also initial loading is very slow.

I did a speedtest on a plex server share in Infuse and got 500-580 constant. With a minimum of 498. Loading is almost instant…

Whats going on guys? This is really frustrating… again :confused:

I’m seeing the same thing FWIW. ~80Mbps with SMB3 share and 200+Mbps on a Plex share

Different source devices will have different SMB implementations, so some combos may work better than others. As a quick test, you may try setting Infuse’s SMB version to SMB2 or Legacy to see if you see any improvement.

FWIW, this user is seeing 900 Mbps over SMB in the current version…so YMMV may vary.

Yes, I’ve tried several different settings for SMB. All have the same result. Would reinstalling the app help ?

I can confirm that as well. I lost 1/3 of my network SMB-speed.

Pointing to a single user with record speeds may not match the experience of the average user sitting in the middle of the bell curve. :wink: