Network question(s)

Yesterday I watched a movie so the network connection was fine. After the movie ended I wanted to see something on a different drive which was not loaded at the time. So I inserted the USB (self powered disc) and went to the Favorite connected to that disc. Opened it and “An error occurred”… Here we go again

When is a network connection made?

Am I Correct in assuming that Infuse checks the available storage on start up and then ignore new locations? It looks that way at least…

Again, everyone I have a network problem in Infuse I can simply use any other program on the Apple TV to check out something on the network, and there is no packet lots when I ping the ATV. Ergo I doubt it is my network…

How can we check out what the problem is?

Have you tried going to the settings and under library scan for changes after you insert a new drive?

no I haven’t because this is a disc that is not added to the library.

I have with discs that are librarified though, and those also result in the familiar error. (Sometimes I forget to power up the externals so I have to scan them again after giving them the juice they crave)

Are all these drive connected to the same share?

If so, Infuse may be going through your favorites and will skip over some if it detects they are not present. Exiting and re-entering the app should be a useable workaround for now.

Also, if you are using SMB, the upcoming 5.6.9 update may help a bit with this.

Yep, they’re all in the same share. Exiting (even killing) and re-entering does sometimes help, but not other times.

I will install 5.6.9 when I get back home (just saw it in Testflight)