Network Mount Failed!

Network Mount Failed!

AFP is not enabled properly or is missing essential components, Smart Install with a 1.0 recovery dmg in ~/documents will fix this issue.

Where do I get the 1.o recovery dmg to place into ~/Documents?


By default the AppleTV will attempt to connect via the AFP protocol, however most newer AppleTV units will not support this protocol. The SMB protocol can be used in its place by setting up a ‘Manual Share Point’. We have a guide for setting this up at the link below.

If you’re having trouble setting up the share point, let us know and we can help walk you through it.

I tried the basic setup and that didn’t. Any help is appreciated.

I followed these instructions and the “mounts.plist” showed three identical entries, labelled (0), (1), and (2). The result was a crash and black screen. Deleting the “mounts.plist” via ftp brought the atv back to life. The new “mounts.plist” has no mount point selected. When the atv unit is unplugged and plugged back in, the same result of the three “mounts.plist” is written in. The strangest part is that boxee now finds the mount point and the folder from my drive shows up, and the contents(mp3s)are now played through the atv. Nito keeps saying that afp not set up and to use "recovery.dmg in documents, but there is no such thing in the documents folder. Has any one using SL10.6 on the intel iMac,via airport extreme, got nito to stream files? Boxee doesn’t scale to my old crt hd tv, the sides of the screen exceeds the width of the screen.

Hmmm…Haven’t seen that issue before with the mounts.plist files being repopulated automatically. I’ll pass this along to see if we can replicate it here.