Network mount failed - have tried everything

I am trying to mount my time-capsule on the Apple TV, under network, but after choosing mount it just pops up with error message - press play/pause to reboot. THen I cannot enter network settings again, as it comes up with the error message and then reboot. I have then removed the mounts.plist file through FTP, as read in another forum topic. THis helped, but I am still standing with the unsolved problem. How to mount my drive?

What am I doing wrong???

I do the following:
Click network (under the Nito folder in the main Apple TV menu)
I then see Time-Capsule (ftpovertcp) in the top, but I choose ‘add manual share point’ as listed in one of your topics, and then the error message comes up when choosing mount, and back to square one…

It may be an issue with the share point settings being used. If you want to post your settings here (or pm them) I can look them over for you.