Network Mount causes ATV to Hang

Updated ATV through maintenance update as I have many times before, starts up ok then through to the welcome display but then hangs after this for ages, then after a while the  apple logo appears then disappears then appears.


Removing the mounts.plis found in the Library/Application Support/nito folder can solve the problem. But its only temporary the moment you reconfigure a mounted or unmounted Volume the problem reappears. Also tried removing Library/Application Support/into and Library/Preferences/ but the moment the Smart installer is run the problem bounces back.

  • Ok here the thing.
    I can eliminate the problem by removing the 'mounts.plist' file.
    Then Re-Boot and re configure any mounted volumes or collections via nito/ network/ mount

and then and only then if I UNCHECK the AUTOMOUNT option. I can remove the problem.
The moment I ask it to auto mount it will hang on start up.

This is where your problem stems from.
I have confirmed this on a backed up Hard Drive.

  • Any thoughts anyone

This issue has been resolved.  The fix can be found here: