Network mount and reboots

I know it’s been covered in many posts that Nito has problems with network mounts. However I wanted to check this specific scenario.

I can get the shares on my iMac and PC to show up in Nito, but as soon as my iMac or PC reboots, Nito loses the shares. The only way to get them back is to reboot the AppleTV.
I’ve seen the ‘solution’ of unmounting the share from Nito first. Surely there is a better way than this? I don’t want to run through the house, switch on my TV, switch to AppleTV, browse to Nito shares and unmount the shares every time I want to reboot one of my computers!

Has anyone come up with a better solution?

dude im with u on this one, it does my head in!! surly theres a fix!!

Currently the only way is to unmount the share prior to shutting down the computer. I’ll pass this on as a suggestion though, perhaps it can be improved. :slight_smile: