Network Hard Drive + Infuse

Can anyone help please?

Infuse can be used to point to a folder on my laptop where files are stored to stream on ATV2.

The only trouble with this is that it will only work when my PC is turned on. 

If i was to buy a network HD would infuse then be able to point to that to stream from without the PC being on?

This for example


I have similar setup. In general network device needs to support one of network protocols infuse will understand. From my experience I can see that SMB (Samba, windows) will work. You will find it in Shares, add to library and fetch the content.

I experienced minor issues - loosing host etc. But in general it works quite good.

I bought a Western Digital Mybookworld and it works fine !

The only problem I met is when it doesn’t see the drive (once a year i’ll say) I have to mark my movies and tv shows as seen but with a account, everything is fine now.