Network Error when trying to update metadata

My shares have new TV episodes in them. It’s been about 5 days since I updated the library. It adds the files to the appropriate library (meaning they don’t wind up in the others folder), but instead of pulling down the metadata, it just uses the filename of file (ex. Teen Titans Go!-S04E10). When I try to update the metadata for the episodes manually, I get a network error message.

My connection is fine. It pulls down movie metadata and all of my other apps that require network connectivity (Netflix, FX, etc) work fine.
The TVdb was up at the time.

I’m starting to think that Infuse has problems with large libraries. Have y’all seen this before?

I have had a similar problem, but not quite the same as I dont get the network error message. When I have added new TV content into the library for content that only aired the week prior, it seemed to add a generic description and image for the episode. No amount of updating the metadata would correct this. All metadata from the initial library build is correctly associated. It only occurred with two TV series with brand new content. I assumed it was a TVDB caching issue, although checking on TVDB shows the correct metadata. The TV shows that had the issue have since been remediated after a forced metadata update (which didn’t work at the time).
I have read on the forums that there is a known problem around something similar. Fix is in the works.
So definitely not a connection issue. Wait for 5.3 for a possible fix.

TheTVDb has been experiencing some downtime over the past week, but they are working to get things back to normal.

You can keep an eye on the current status here.

I’ll add one more thing about TVdb being down and using the link that james provided. Just because that link may show that TVdb (or others) are “UP” at a certain time doesn’t mean operational and providing service. It can respond to the check ping but still not be functioning for data retrieval. I verified this several times yesterday. I too was not getting any metadata for TV shows and receiving a network error. I checked the page that james provided and it was in fact at that time down and later when checking the ping response time was out of sight. It also wasn’t providing metadata even if it was showing “UP”. I did manage to hit about 3 minutes out of a half hour I tried constantly to update a new TV program I had added. If finally found that one show but then went unresponsive for the next 40 minutes when I gave up.

That page that james provided shows that TVdb has been having issues nearly every day this past week and I’d guess that even on the reportedly “UP” days they were still having database issues.

Keep trying and hopefully they’ll be back at 100% soon.

Thanks for the help everyone