Network drops in speed test graph

If you could help me out. I’m streaming a 30gb mkv file which is not an issue for my Mac mini/Plex/Apple TV 4k all through wifi set up, but today I’ve been having buffering issues, every 1 or 2 minutes. Running speed tests shows sudden drops on speed on the graph. Here’s my code: 8RQR2

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A bit more info may help. What MacOS, tvOS, Infuse version number?

Are you where you could temporarily run an Ethernet cable between the server and the ATV for a test to see if it still buffers?

What are you getting for average speeds? Max?

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Thank you!

I didn’t share that info at first since I thought it was irrelevant because the set up has always worked, but my MacOS is Mojave, tvOS is the latest (updated last week and streams did work fine after it), Infuse 7

I can’t run a cable unfortunately /:

Average 25mbps, max 35mbps

I could share a photo of the graph, the speed drops down to 0 or around 5mbps every minute or so, and the data stream isn’t constant, it fluctuates a lot, +/- 5mbps every single second

So you’re on tvOS 14.6 and Infuse 7.0.3 correct?

For the WiFi, are you using the 2.4G band or the 5G band?

In Infuse, under settings, playback what do you have set for " Streaming Cache"?

I was on 14.5 with auto updates on but just updated to 14.6 by manually checking. Infuse is 7.0.3.

Both the server and the Apple TV are on 5ghz, no other devices connected to the network.

Steaming cache was set at legacy when the issue arose (I changed it long ago to try to fix somethig similar). Switched it to auto before starting this thread but didn’t change the results. Here’s the graph for 1.5% of the 30gb file:

Do you see the same speed test results in Infuse on the Mini?

EDIT: Never mind, just saw you were running Mojave.

You may want to try the 2.4G network. That one is usually more durable than the 5G.

Looks like some sort of interference. Routers to go bad sometimes too.

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And if not bad maybe confused. A full unplug power wait and plug back in may help the router too if you try the 2.4 band and that doesn’t help.

I tried the 2.4 band and it was way worse. I did power cycle the router before starting this thread, left it unplugged for 20 seconds but this are the results. Does it help to leave it unplugged for longer? What else could I try?

I’d suggest trying to figure out a way to even temporarily try an Ethernet cable connection just to see if there may be a WiFi issue from interference or equipment.

Another thing, not knowing what other apps you may have try going to the ATV settings and under General > Usage >Background App Refresh turn off all other apps other than Infuse. It may be just enough of a lull in processor usage that other apps are kicking in trying to do a background refresh of some sort.

Did you restart your Mac server too?

I restarted everything before starting the thread, did all basic troubleshooting (even turned off vpn).

It seems like turning off background app refresh did the job, at least acceptably. I ran the speed test for 2% of the file and it never dropped to 0mbps. The file has been playing for 15 minutes now with no buffering. I fear it could be running better cause it’s the start of the file. Will update if buffering comes up again.

Btw, is this up and down in speed normal? Why can’t it hold a more straight line like in an internet speed test? And, why can’t I stream when I lose internet connection? Isn’t the whole set up on my local network?

On WiFi it doesn’t take a lot to cause a glitch and show dips like you’re seeing. That is why trying Ethernet will give you a definitive idea of what’s going on. I keep a 100 foot yellow Ethernet cable in my spares just to be able to string it across the floor (hence the yellow color :wink: ) and test for a few minutes.

It looks like from your graph you’re only getting 20 to 35 Mb per second which is still pretty slow. Wi-Fi sucks and any little thing can throw it off. There might be some sort of signal reflection that is happening because of the way the furniture in the room set up is, but even with Wi-Fi you should be able to get more. This might sound like a stupid question but is your router pointed correctly? I had a relative who had put the router sideways for aesthetics and all of a sudden they lost most their signal.

I feel ya, definitely more reliable, it just wasn’t an option atm. I will get one for sure. Good thing the background app refresh did the job apparently. Thank you!

I think it might be the brick walls, and the router and server are literally on opposite sides of the apartment (can’t do anything about it). The router/modem is provided by ISP, so it’s not high-end either. And my reply to your question feels stupid too, but it seems like it did help to point it “correctly”. I rotated it 45º and look at the graph:

Just out of curiosity could you share what apps you had that did have background refresh on? Was “Channels” one of them?

Wireless does not like brick or stone walls. Hardly anything can get through them

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