Network drive

Hi, if I create a Share Point through NitoTV → Network menu via smb and automount enabled to a folder on my Mac (shared folder) will this connection be usable to other applications installed on ATV ?

For example: I’ve a DVDpedia plug-in installed on my ATV and I’d like to use the movie link field to point to the AVI that reside on that shared folder.

Thanks a lot, Roberto.

Yes, when mounted the share will be accessible through the ‘Movies’ folder by any application on the AppleTV.

Thanks to your suggestions, I setup correctly a network share folder on my iMac (e.g. TEST) but I’ve two other questions:

  1. Which is the absolute path I’ve to use from my ATV inside the DVDpedia plug-in ? Something like: \TEST or just TEST or \IP\TEST ? I don’t know
  2. If I connect a USB drive to ATV is it already seen from ATV without network share, right ? I suppose I’ve to use something like \volumes\diskUSB or similar, right ? In this case how can I put my movies from my iMac to USB drive ?

Bye, Roberto.

When mounted your USB or network drive will be visible (when connected) via FTP through the Movies folder. The absolute path would be /Users/frontrow/Movies/

GREAT, it worked for me, I watched seamlessy DIVX, XVID and VOB with NitoTV! Now I can access movies saved on my iMac, next step: try connecting a USB hard drive to my iMac.

Question: on ATV I installed also Perian, should I be able to watch avi, divx, ecc. WITH DVDpedia plug-in (link movie field) ?

The shared folder I seen by ATV using SMB and not FTP but I’ve to tall you I set-up a SMB shared folder.

Thanks a lot, Roberto.