Netlix asking for update

I am running iOS 5.3 on my ATV2 with most recent Season Pass jailbreak. Tonight I got a message the ‘Apple TV software needs to be updated’ to get Netflix. If I select ‘Update later’, it lets me proceed and watch, but I am worried that Netflix will soon block streaming for older firmware like iOS 5.3. Anyone have this message as well and could there be a fix ?

I started getting this exact warning today from my ATV2 also. I just posted a thread about it ( before I saw yours.

It’s concerning because Apple may be phasing out support for this old version of the Netflix app.

Yup got the same issue here :/, wondering if the guys are working on an update for this issue ( if there is anything they can do about it at all :confused: )

I’ve just updated the IOS on my ATV2 jail brok using the latest updates , I also get that message.

I also note that Kode (xbmc) has a message saying that ATV2 development/support/updates have ceased

Me thinks the end of the ATV2 useful life is coming quickly.

If only Infuse could be developed for another non apple platform, hopefully 1080p compatable.

Same here - I use Netflix and Infuse to watch movies from my NAS. Looks like I have the option of one or the other unless we can get a more recent version of the OS.

Is the message asking for a complete iOS update or is it just updating the Netflix app?

It is asking to upgrade the OS.

Got this message too. I’m going to try plist/version hack but I know this only makes the message go away and is a temporary solution until Netflix eventually becomes unusable. Having to update means re-jailbreaking and I’ve already been forced to do this in Dec because Netflix stopped working (I was still holding out on 5.2)

At this point I’m 100% sold having both Netflix and the ability to play any media format from a network share (using XBMC now). Updating is a pain for jailbreakers as anyone reading this well knows and if I have to do it again I’m going to look at alternative devices (any ideas?)… or worst case just buy a second appleTV and have one for Netflix and one for XBMC

Please see another topic in the forum:

A temporary fix (hiding the message) is out and a more permanent one in the works.