Netgear Nighthawk R7000 remote internet access to ReadySHARE USB Storage not working

I’m not able to remotely connect Infuse to my ReadySHARE storage USB drive on my Netgear Nighthawk R7000 using my Apple TV. I used the FTP option and the WebDAV (HTTPS) option and both could not connect. I’m able to connect my Apple TV to this drive on the network internally.

I’m able to connect to FTP and HTTPS externally from my web browser without issue.

With WebDAV (HTTPS), I’m not completely sure if its the same standard, but I set my remote access to HTTPS with port 443 on my router, but Infuse could not connect.

ReadySHARE storage is not a device with an internal IP on my router, but a network drive on my router.

Hay anyone had success with this setup?

When you’re setting up the share in Infuse, have you tried using SMB with smb://readyshare as the address?

Also have you looked at the section in the owners manual on “Access the USB Device from a Mac”? I believe it’s page 68 or there about. It talks about how to access the usb devices and how to enter the password if needed.

I found the manual here.


That doesn’t see to be working since I’m not trying to connect a Mac locally to the drive, but Infuse on Apple TV remotely. Also, it seems like SMB connects to Port 445 by default and I can’t change ports to this drive below 1024 as HTTPS is fixed to 443 and FTP is fixed to 21.

The settings in the picture attached are all I can change regarding this USB drive. Would you know what settings I should enable to access this drive remotely?

It appears that it’s not set up to allow streaming from a remote device. From what I can glean from the manual that details how to remotely access files from your router it seems that you can only download a file, not stream it. They have an iOS app as well android and win and browser instructions. I’d say that ATV is not going to work.

I’m by no means an expert but I read through the manuals and it just doesn’t seem to address what you are trying to do.

You might have some luck if you contact Netgear and explain what you want to do.

Thanks for looking into this. I’ll reach out to NetGear, but I think you’re right about it not working. If people were allowed to stream from this USB storage drive, it might cannibalize NetGear’s sales of their ReadyNAS devices, so NetGear doesn’t allow it to happen even though it probably could work.

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I’d be interested in hearing what they have to say.

At least you could use their ios app away from home if you also use infuse on an iphone or ipad to download the videos you wanted.

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I don’t have a netgear router (ughh…fios ) but i do have a netgear nighthawk extender and was able to get infuse to work. Not sure if that what you’re trying to do. I had an 2TB seagate portable external drive connected to it and streamed via that. It worked fine well through my appletv via SMB Readyshare. However my MacBook was very inconsistent. Since then I switched to a NAS, for no other reason than I felt like treating myself.
I can’t find my instructions but I just followed the steps on the netgear site and set it up via my pc. Not sure if my comments are of any use at all.

Davyboywonder … I know this is an old thread, but giving it a shot anyways :slight_smile: Did you find a solution or workaround for this ? (Or which alternative did you go with if not) I also hook my whole system up on a R7000 nighthawk, and would love to be able to get this working…