Netgear (NAS) to Apple TV using Infuse... Need Help!

I should start by saying that this worked for 5 years until last week. At the time, it was set up as (AFP).

My settings in Infuse.

Name: I enter my name.

Protocol: SMB

Address: What should this be set to?

Username: What user name do I enter? From what device, the Netgear NAS?

Password? What password do I enter? From what device, the Netgear NAS?

When I enter my info from the Netgear (NAS), and click on Save, I get the message below.

“Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.”

I’ve tried everything, but it seems I’m completely lost.

I’m using an ORBI Router.

I should also mention that when I go to my account, everything works.

Can anyone please help me? Any help at this point would be truly appreciated.

Thank you!

I’ll try to help but I’m a novice at best myself.

For the Address you should be able to review the settings in your NAS to find it. here is a page from netgear that may get you there.

As to the user name and password, you’ll have to have one set up in the nas. Try this link to get you moving in the right direction

See if that gets you close.

Hi NC_Bullseye,

Thanks for your reply. The user name (email) is correct and so is the password. I changed the password just to see if that would do anything, but I’m still getting the “Sorry, Infuse encountered an error while trying to connect.”

If you think of anything else, please let me know.

Thanks again!

Don’t quote me on this but I don’t think an email address can be a normal computer username. I think underscore and period are the only valid special characters. You may be able to access the NAS externally using the netgear app/site and email (I do with my Synology NAS) but I have to have a separate account on my NAS that provides permissions to access the data.

Hi Munpip214,

Thanks for your reply.

In Infuse, when I Add Share, here’s what it looks like.

Protocol: SMB
Address: ldpro.local
Username: my email address from the ReadyNAS website
Password: my password from the ReadyNAS website

Are you saying that within’ the ReadyNAS website, there’s a separate account that provides permissions to access the data? I don’t recall ever doing that before.

Thanks again!

I think you need to enable “local users” mode and create a user (email not necessary)

Hey Area_51,
I use three Netgear ReadyNAS units, with my primary being an RN204 holding all my media content. I still use AFP for managing the volume from my mac, but have had an NFS share set up on it for the last five years as well. NFS was less problematic than SMB in the early days of Infuse v4 and v5. It hasn’t skipped a beat. You may want to try NFS rather than muck around with the pecularities that come with SMB.

Hey munpip214, I tried enabling local users, but that didn’t do it. Thanks

Hey movie_lover,

Thanks for your reply.

I was using AFP for years on the ReadyNAS, until it for some strange reason stopped working a week ago. I’ve been trying to figure out the problem ever since.

In Infuse 6, there’s no option for AFP any longer, only SMB, but that’s not currently working, and as far as I can remember, it never worked correctly.

If I try HFS, do I have to do anything in my ReadyNAS (admin account) to make this work aside from enabling HFS?

Thanks again!

Hey movie_lover,

I can’t believe it. HFS did it, and it was soooooo simple. I didn’t even have to enter any information. I’ve always had issue’s with SMB. Thanks again for suggesting HFS.

Thank you and everyone else. You guys rock. :relaxed:

Hey @Area_51 ,
Great to hear you solved your problem. Every NAS brand have their pros and cons. The NFS service on the Netgear units is simple to setup and from my experience trouble free.

Enjoy your continued Infuse experience :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s great to know. Out of curiosity, what app do you use to transfer content from your Mac to the Netgear? Thanks again!

No app needed. Just make sure you activate the AFP service on your ReadyNAS. Copy the files across with Finder after that.

Ok, that’s how I had it set up for years. I just thought there was another way of transferring content. Thanks again!

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