Not that we MAC users can stream Netflix to our systems via Silverlight, how about a plugin/app so we can stream Netflix to our aTV.

I just joined Netflix and could love to see this happen. This is my only worry, the system requirements for SilverLight:

Mac OS 10.4.8+ (PowerPC) PowerPC G4 800-MHz or higher processor with 128-MB of RAM
Mac OS 10.4.8+ (Intel-based) Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz (GHz) or higher processor with 128-MB of RAM

P.S. The AppleTV has a 1GHz Pentium M, which was installed in low power laptops back in the day.

Why would you want this… Netflix streaming movies are so old… the apple tv is a competitor to netflix… be self degrading. netflix is horrible

did you know netflix is coming to the new appletv? haha :P

 Netflix streaming app that is analog of what is on the new ATV would be a very welcome upgrade. 


I just hooked up my Intel Mac Mini 2.4 ghz to my TV and now I've finally got Netflix,

Now what should I do with my aTV enabled Apple TV first Gen?