Netflix is not working… The same occur when I’m trying to AirPlay the netflix from my iPad… Request to update my Apple TV.

I have a jailbroken Apple tv2. The software was version 5.x. I couldn’t get it to update through the software updates on ATV settings - as in I got a message that said I had the latest version. I know you can run 6.x from ATV2, but not version 7.x.

So I did a Reset from the settngs menu and now it’s not working at all! Just black screen. What can I do to restore my Apple Tv to functionality. NVM the Netflix issue for now!

OK - I have an answer. Hold menu and down button on the remote for 6 seconds and it reboots the ATV2. I’m back at the same issue - Netflix not currently availabe - but apparently I can restore the factory settings through iTunes on my computer. i’m going to try that. You can’t upgrade to 6.x from 5.x if it’s a jailbroken ATV2 from what I’ve googled

I was having the same Netflix issue and contacted support who replied with this:

Hi, your best option will be to update the Apple TV to 5.3.
To update the Apple TV software you will want to re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass and re-run the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC. Doing this will update and jailbreak your Apple TV at the same time.
Prior to updating you may want to backup your settings to streamline the setup process after the update is complete. This can be done on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu.
-FireCore Support

I completed this and Netflix works again. AirPlay too.