netflix wont show up on menu (US atv2 on 4.4.4)

I have a JB atv2 running 4.4.4 and latest atv black.  I have installed xbmc, couch surfer, plex.  I cannot however get netflix to show up on the menu.  Its not there at all.  I have changed my region to US (which is where I am located) to UK, reset, then back to US (reset).  and netflix does not show up.

I have looked under overflow and its not there… I have also looked in maintanence under menu and its not there.

So how can I get netflix back??

If I have to JB again how can I restore my firmware back to 4.4.4 without going to the latest firmware?  I backed up my blobs with atv black but have no idea on how to do this on JB again and restoring that firmware.

Please help.





ok read the FAQ and it said for me to put all the menu items from overflow back to main menu and it would fix it… and IT DID>  thanks!