Netflix will not play - error 111 or 112

Apple TV2 OS 4.1.1

Beta6 installed, Maint, Media Player, Plex, Nito Installed.  Apple Update Off, Wireless, DHCP On

Recently I’ve been unable to play any Netflix videos on any of my units.  One can select the video etc, but when you attempt to play netflix presents an error message stating that it cannot connect to any servers with the error number 111 or 112.  I believe that this started with the update to beta 6.  I’ve reinstalled vanilla OS 4.2.2 with no problems.

On the update, Media Play was a more pleasant experience.  However, without Netflix, I’m afraid it is back to the drawing board (unless of course I did something foolish 3 times).



Exact same problem here. Please help!

Same problem here after update.


Either Apple or Netflix or Both require you to have latest iOS version for Netflix to work. We can only hope that the jailbreak people can patch 4.1.1 for Netfix, so we don’t have to give up XBMC 10.0-7 which just simply works.

I was having this same issue. Got it to work.  Seemed to be due to something within network configs. (I saw other forums with the same note about DNS, dhcp and nat issues etc).

I removed my ethernet cable and unplugged the aptv2. Plug it back in then add the ethernet back.  Started working again.