Netflix support on black AppleTV/aTV Flash


I have spent the last month trying to find the best solution to my particular media needs. I want a device that can stream data from my PC and Mac over my home network and also access services like Netflix, Hulu and other internet streaming sites. I considered the WD Live Plus/Hub for quite sometime, but aTV Flash piqued my interest when my friend linked to this website. 

My question is this: I know the black AppleTV can steam Netflix; does aTV Flash disable or impede this functionality in any way?

Secondly, can I steam media from my windows machine to a black aTV box? If so, how? 

Thirdly, how well does HD media (files that are 720p or 1080p) play when steamed? I suppose that would depend on my network, no?

Finally, aTV Flash allows for the Apple TV to detect USB drives, no?

Thank you.

Oh, one more question,

Is there subtitle support? 

The new black AppleTV supports Netflix out of the box, and installing aTV Flash (black) will not affect the usability of this feature.

Once aTV Flash (black) has been installed you can setup a ‘share’ through the Media menu that will enable you to browse and play media that is stored on your PC.

Streaming in the current version works quite well. Content up to 720p can be streamed via wifi, whereas 1080p content is best played over a wired connection.

Unfortunately directly connected USB drives are not current supported.

Support for subtitles is under development and will be available soon.

I am in the UK and my Apple TV does not come with Netflix. I have FireCore (Black) and yet when i installed it this as well it did not add Netflix. 

I have a Netflix US account and I hope that I would be able to set up a VPN on the AppleTV / router in order to stream Netflix. Is there something I can do to get Netflix installed? 

Weird when I jail broke and installed the latest firecore … It broke Netflix and YouTube apps plus when I navigate directly to the sites URL same thing, can’t play anything. Any ideas?

Netflix isn’t installed by FireCore, that’s installed by Apple. You’d have to find a way to get the Netflix app installed onto your ATV2.

To get Netflix on your apple TV simply in the atv settings change country to USA and Netflix will appear. Unfortunatley this is a pain if you purchase movies etc from the UK or other store. I have being looking for a way to enable the Netflix menu when set to UK but havent found a solution yet, maybe firecore could help :slight_smile:

As simple as changing the country in settings :wink: Wow, I would not of thought of that, ha ha too simple… 

Thank you 

Ok, I found a solution

Signup for Unblok-us and then you change the DNS entries in AppleTV Settings to unblock-us settings and presto you have Netflix in your UK AppleTV :) 

Hi, did you actually try this? Read about the unblock us service but was wondering how that impacts your performance? Many VPNs slow down your connection - does this service also take a toll on conncetion speed?


Tried it last night and It was perfect. Not a glitch. 

Honestly Netflix and Airplay is probably all i will use this thing for. Now that Netflix is up and running I think everyone should have one :) 

My first post here…

I’m considering getting the aTV Flash. I’m wondering if it is as good as, the same, or better than a jail broken ATV2 with NitoTV and XBMC? I just jail broke my Apple TV 2 and installed XBMC. So far, I’m not happy with it.  I’m getting stuttering audio on the nightly build of XBMC. They say they are working on fixing it… I like the customization XBMC has, but it isn’t functioning properly for me.

What are the benefits of aTV Flash over what I can get for free? Right now, streaming FLAC files without the stuttering would be nice.

Thanks in advance for the response.

The aTV Flash Media Player uses a much more minimalist UI approach which is more in-line with the rest of the ATV design. It is not yet functionally complete with current development concentrating on video support. That now works well. The main video related roadmap feature that i want and is still missing is support for ISO images for which I keep XBMC around. Support for pure audio files is also not yet complete. MP3 support is not yet available although it is expected soon. I am not sure about FLAC as I have not tried that recently. A big plus for Media Player is the ability to use AFP shares to support the Mac World as well as SMB shares which are the staple in the Windows world. At the moment I use both Media Player and XBMC but as Media Player matures I expect it will be what I use exclusively.

There are also some ATV Flash extras such as the Couch Surfer browser, and Last FM support (as long as you have a paid Last FM account).