Netflix on old AppleTV

Any plans to support Netflix on the old AppleTV?

Unfortunately it doesn’t look good.

Can you guys put out an update to aTV Flash which provides a Netflix interface? :wink:

Some of us have been able to get Netflix Instant Watching to work on the AppleTV. However given the weak CPU in the AppleTV Classic, the video stutters and I personally found it not watchable for long periods of time (I purchased a Samsung Home Theater in a Box HT1250 for $320 [open box at Best Buy] that also includes Blu-Ray, two digital inputs [DirecTV & AppleTV], one analog input [Mac Mini], Pandora, and of course AM/FM).

If you really want to try it, look at this thread; but again I suggest that it is not worth the trouble…

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll leave things as they are. Might look at other streamers, Roku, AppleTV V2, etc. :roll:

I find it funny that the roku box, which is tiny compared to the atv... does netflix streaming quite well.

I have both, which was my way around the issue.

As I type this, I've got Netflix streaming to my AppleTV 1st generation. It *sometimes* bogs down, but most of the time it's absolutely fine. I'm not entirely sure that the slowdowns that do happen aren't my network connection.

I followed the howto on Awkward TV (except for copying the fonts over - they all seem to be present after the Nito TV install from Flash ATV).

Can you provide a link to the awkwardtv howto?



NETFLIX will work on ATV old version.  Just have to use some other hardware and software to help it along.

Get PLAYON via, and run it on a desktop in your network.  Then use XBMC on your ATV.


I can watch Hulu, Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix, all on my apple tv old version.



I'd rather not have to kill the finder to bring up XBMC's interface.  A plugin type solution would be ideal.

At one time, someone had written "Media Cloud", a UPnP plugin for ATV1, which, occassionally, would let you see PlayOn, unfortunately, it was really buggy and never went anywhere.  I would think the resurrection of something like that would help tremendously.

Unless things have changed with Play On though, you can't browse, you can only see your instant queue.

correct.  no browsing.  you have to plan out your instant que.  which i do via my iphone. 


This discussion shows you how to get a slow version of NETFLIX running on the Apple TV old version