Netflix no longer showing up on my internet menu for ATV2 with ATVflash black

Hi Everyone. I have an active Netflix Canada account which was installed and working on my ATV2 prior to jailbreaking and installing ATV flash black this week. No longer seeing the Netflix choice in my menu on the ATV…any ideas???


This has happened to me.  Confused me for a minute lol.


Hold the menu and play key until the atv light begins flashing rapidly and let it reboot.  Brought back my Netflix menu item that way.



My problem is that I can not log in

I have recently updated to 4.4.4 Seas0npass jailbreak and Netflix is now gone.  I have tried to reset like you suggested but it is still missing.  Any ideas how to fix this?

FYI.  I restored my atv2 in itunes.  Then I rejailbroke it using seas0npass and then installed stuff again and it seems to be working.  Hope it stays that way.