Netflix Login & Netflix Canada

I have been using the MacUpdate version for a few weeks now on my mac mini connected through a slingbox to my big TV.  (not sure which version I have but whatever was current when the macupdate offer came out).


I have used Couch Surfer Pro to connect to Netflix but I have to manually enter my account name and password each time.  Is there a way to save these details so I just click once on the Top Site Wall and I am presented with the Netflix home page to select my movies/shows?

I can't remember if I had to manually add Netflix Canada or not.  I believe Netflix Canada has the URL of netflix.CA instead of netflix.COM  Does that present a problem?

I want to make watching Netflix on the Mac Mini/FrontRow as easy as it is on the Nintendo Wii or Blu-Ray player for the rest of my family.



Unfortunately this is not currently supported, but is something that will probably be added in a future version.