Netflix log-in error immediately after jailbreak/aTV Flash install

I’ve successfully jailbroken (Seas0nPass) my apple tv (new running 4.4.4) and installed aTV Flash (black).  The first thing I tried to do (after turning on home sharing to use the remote app) is log in to Netflix.  I know my email and password I’m trying is correct (as they work on my computer) but I get an “Unable to sign in” message saying “The account name or password is incorrect. Please try again. (117)”  I have the same issue logging in to Youtube.  I was successfully logged into both of these services on my factory non-jailbreak, non-aTV Flash Apple TV.

Also, I just noticed in trying again, that when using the Apple TV hardware remote (instead of the remote app as used previously) any character I key in for my password is immediately deleted and the cursor jumps to the “clear” button.  I have no chance to scroll through and input even one, much less multiple, characters of my password.  I did not have this problem in the username entry with the Apple standard remote.

What do I do? Thanks!

Exact same thing happened to me.  Did you (or anyone else) figure out to fix this?

You may try the fix outlined here.