Netflix in the UK not appearing on ATV2

Hi there, I signed up for a months free trail of Netflix in the UK but its not appearing on the AppleTv. A Apple forum search said pull the power cord, and it will appear on the internet menu, but that did nothing. Someone in Ireland said it was working, but another in Ireland said they couldn’t see it either. So anyone know if it is it because I am jailbroken that I can’t see this new Netflix link? I was looking for a particular show, the booth at the end, its nt on there, so its  great loss if it doesn’t work. If it makes any difference I am with Virgin Media.

I am in the UK and can see NetFlix on the Internet menu on my system running 4.4.4 firmware jailbroken with the latest SeasonPass.   Are you both running the 4.4.4. firmware and have set yourself up for the UK store?

Hi there, thanks for replying, yes I am using 4.4.4 the one with the itunes match link, and I did set myself up with netflix UK. I am using overflow, maybe that is distrorting my menu/sub menu items? I will try it later.

Try holding MENU + DOWN until the LED flashes quickly to reset the device. Worked for me. My location is still set to UK.

It seems it didn’t like being Overflowed. I moved the internet option back onto the main screen and ey presto it was there. I then tried moving it back into Overflow and it disappeared again, so it’s now back on the main menu. And it works. As a separate issue I haed some terrible buffer issues whilst watching a TV series, but the following day same series was fine. There’s a lot on the Apple Formu about Netflix and ATV. Thanks for everuyones assistance.