Netflix has stopped working

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Netflix has stopped functioning properly on my Jailbroken ATV2. It asks me for my username and password every time I launch it. Sometimes it accepts it and logs in to where I can browse by account, but I get various errors when I try to play a selection. Sometimes it bombs out, sometimes it just tells me my username and password are incorrect over and over. This error seems to coincide with my installation of XMBC and trying to FTP some plugins to the device. It could just be a coincidence too. :slight_smile:

I suppose I should just blank my machine and just start over with installing everything again, unless someone has an idea for a fix. How do I go about putting my ATV2 back together again as though it were unjailbroken with only Apple software? The Humpty Dumpty effect I guess we could call it. LOL

I was told when I bought seas0onPass that I could do this if I needed to so any pointers would be great and very helpful.