Netflix for ATV1??

Is there any chance Netflix  can be added to ATV1??  Love it on my mom's ATV2....but I'm not going to move to ATV2 myself for a number of reasons.  Thx. 

At this point it doesn't seem likely. The first gen AppleTV just doesn't have quite enough HP to run Silverlight which is required for Netflix. Sorry :(

Beg to differ.

install PLAYON to translate the incoming streams, and resend them as UPnP streams.XBMC will play them.

Including NETFLIX

just trying to get my XBMC not to crash after 5 minutes

XBMC works fine now, so I can watch my NETFLIX on my ATV1 with no problems.

Just had to adjust PLAYON for medium video quality.


I don’t get why this is the standard response… I’ve installed Silverlight and been able to watch Netflix videos in Firefox AND Boxee (Boxee was accomplished by a hombrew hack, installing the Netflix plugin from the OSX version). The latter, yes, it was sadly really slow and unwatchable… annoying because their interface is really well done. But using Firefox seems like something that could be made to work; I mean I really don’t know much about this stuff and was able to get it running okay…