Netflix enabled with non-us locations

Hey. I feature I would like to wish for, is Netflix to be enabled when choosing an iTunes store other than US.

This would mean that I would be able to rent in my local store and still use Netlix. I don’t know if you are able to manipulate the software like this, but if you can it would be great.



I use Netflix Canada and the Canadian iTunes store without issue.

Sure, but what I’m asking for is the possibility to use the my local, Danish iTunes store and the American Netflix service without having to go and change my country setting back and forth.

I do not think that is possible.   The option to as to whether to offer Netflix is determined by the iTunes store you are conneting to.

That doesn’t seem to be entirely true though, at least not as far my experience goes. Choosing a store enables Netflix on the ATV but when this is done everything seems to be determined through your location. This means that if you’re in the US or are using a US VPN/Unblock US or anything like it Netflix will display the US content. If you change you location to the UK you will get the UK content. At least thats how it works on the iPad, I’m not sure with the ATV as I don’t have the possibility to try it with a VPN. It does seem like chaining the store to UK and keeping the Unblock US DNS results in Netflix offering me the US content so I suppose my assumptions are more or less accurate.

Obviously, this doesn’t answer the question but might be a valid point to stress the importance of a proper VPN service on the ATV, preferably through ATV Flash black.

You could well be correct. As I do not use Netflix my understanding is based on what I thought others had said rather than any direct experience.

I wouldnt worry too much. The rumors says that Netflix will be released in the northern countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) this year. October i believe. :slight_smile:

Hi Alexander,

I’m using Netflix in Germany. It works, but you need to tweek the ATV2 a bit. It doesn’t even require a jailbreak.

First, you need to create an us-american apple id. Works over itunes. Use that ID on your ATV2. Set the country to united states. You should see netflix as a menu option.

get a netflix account. I’m using my german visa credit card, and it’s accepted. other users said that their credit card was not accepted. you might have to experiment a bit - I hear prepaid credit cards do work as well.

then, you’ll need a vpn, or a dns service like unblock-us or unotelly. I’m using unblock-us. (Note that unblock-us seems to cause a problem with atv2 from time to time. logging in in your unblock us account via your computer seems to fix it.)

confirm your unblock us account with your PC or Mac over their website and enter the unblock-us dns adress in your atv2. That’s it - Log in to netflix and it should work.

Hulu works in XBMC via Bluecop’s repository the same way. These two make a good team.

Hope it helps you. Cheers!