Netflix "Buffering" and crashes

I am having issues with Netflix constantly buffering when we try to watch a movie on AppleTV. We switch over to the PS3 Netflix app and it never buffers.

Is there something wrong with Netflix app on the AppleTV or is something not set right? I have tried wired and Wifi N connections and get the same issue no matter what.

I have even ran the bandwidth test and lowerd the expected bandwidth to 2-4 mbs and seems to make no difference even though a speedtest reveals over 10mbs down is available.

We also have had it crash the AppleTV on more than one occasion and at one point had to go to -General - Settings - Reset to get it to play again.

It is obvious the app is unstable but is it unstable because of aTV or is it like this with factory settings also?


Any help is appreciated.

Appears to be an issue with the factory model…

From the many posts I have dug out that there may be a bug with using DHCP. Set a static IP and that should resolve alot of issues with connectivity.


Testing that theory now.

The other thing that it suggest is to lower the quailty of your Netflix content, that’s a setting in Netflix. I tried the DHCP suggestion too.  On Monday I watched a two 30 minutes TV series without any problem, but on the third one it was unwatchable. I tried clearing the cache, restarting the ATV, clearing the Metadata. I changed to a static IP address and lowered the Netflix quality. Restarted the ATV box again, but it was still unwatchable. However I was able to watch the same TV show on XBMC. Last night I thought I would give ~Netflix another go, and it was fine, no problems at all? So something may have worked, but none of it worked instantly the first night. I think I will change the Netflix quality again and see if that does make a difference.

I am not willing to sacrifice quality when I have 20MB down capability. If the device cant hang then thats another issue. What needs to happen is Apple needs to put some pressure on Netflix to release more bandwidth to Apple TV devices during peek hours. My PC, PS3, Android, iPad2 and Samsung player have no issues or buffering problems with Netflix any time of the day, so it is strictly Apple TV devices during peek hours that is causing the problem. I am sure Netflix has a way to regulate bandwidth to Apple TV devices during peek hours. I can watch Netflix on Apple TV all morning, show after show for hours without any issues. After dinner sitting on the couch with my wife; 40 minute show… not so much. “Buffering” with a swirl is wasting my time. I am a “techie” so speedtests have been done at both times of the day and I will admit there are differences, but I never have less than 10MB down available even mid saturday on a rainy day. (I am with a small broadband company that is not over saturated, so bandwidth is steadily available)

Not sure what else to do … guess I use the PS3 instead of the Apple TV for Netflix. Just a waiting game at this point as I am sure it has nothing to do with anything I or any Apple TV owner can control.