Netflix & AirPlay on latest ATV Flash/1st Gen ATV

I’m considering purchasing another year of ATV Flash but just need to confirm a couple things:

  1. Since 1st gen stopped at 3.01 iOS, is there a similar app like AirPlay with the latest ATV Flash ?

  2. How about Netflix?

Been here for more than 3 years and Fircore support has always been a hit and miss… I get less than half a chance of getting any help.

  1. actually, it’s 3.02. 
    (and it’s not ios, like the appletv2 and appletv3; instead, it’s running a version of intel tiger (mac os x 10.4) under the hood.


  1. netflix: certainly doable.


silverlight and firefox are your keys to success:

(the most annoying part is grabbing a framework from a mac os x intel tiger install).


here’s a guy doing it on youtube: 

(he references another forum where he gives details: )

(he mentions boxee in the title, and it’s where he links to forum-wise, but, he does not use it in the demo).


more info:



choppy for the first few minutes, but then smooths out as it buffers and adjusts.


you’ll definitely want a way to use a mouse during it (he uses rowmote’s trackpad during the install). i’ve set a roomie with vnc to get it started.


  1. alternate:

you can transcode from a pc (unsure how to do it on a mac) your inbound netflix stream (works for hulu, too) using a an app called playon in conjunction with xbmc on the appletv. more details here:

Useless info and not remotely answering the  essential question. 

It does not seem practical. It’s making something so simple so cumbersome. For $100 or less, I can get a ATV3 or Roku.

You can set it in 1 min.

airplay works via xbmc or remotehd

enable airplay in xbmc settings

or get remotehd app  

For netflix try this in xbmc