Net framework error windows beta2

I just restored via itunes (unjailbroke) to latest firmware from Apple. I wanted to try that came with Apple update 4.3.

So now I got the new seasonpass, compatable with 4.3, but when i try to run it, I am getting a message that I need to install netframework V4, anyone have a clean link for that, it’s microsoft stuff, i think.

Last time I JB with GP so new to seasonpass.

It should walk you through the .NET framework install process, but if not you can download it using the link below.

I have .net 4.0.30319 installed and still it says I need to install it. WTF?!?!?! Seasonpass won't run...


Ran GP v6 on my laptop and all is good for now.

I´ve followed the process, and installed .Net twice, even let it update. I´ve got the same error, it does not let me run aTV Flash installer.

Any help?