Needs suggestions on Lenovo iomega ix4-300d

need experts review on Lenovo iomega ix4-300d nas for media sharing on atv 4k… is this is good for streaming 4k & bluray movies via this nas…

please help thanks in advance


Just from a glance at the specs I would say it might be limited. Only 512MB of ram is pretty small. Even if it claims decent transfer rates once you have raid and processing the transfer it will probably be much slower, especially with 4K. I’m not too familiar with the Marvell processor compared to Intel but chances are it is less powerful too. Obviously you don’t need processing for transcoding but it could affect other things. Also would 12TB be enough? Not sure why 3TB drives is max but you might consider something that could take 8-10TB drives.

The ram is definitely a bottle neck. It’s be good for file shooting and backups but I wouldn’t bet any money on performance. I’d go with with synology or qnap.