Need to tether boot every time atv is powered off.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Every time ATV reboots or I take power cable off, I need to make a new tether boot. 

This kind of problematic since I have a mac in other room and ATV in other - I dont have a f…ing 10 meter usb to tether device and I’m not going to start moving my mac pro to another room in order to do this every time it is powered off.

This seems to be bug.

No - it is fact of life if you use a tethered jailbreak (and the current 5.0 jailbreak is tethered)!    Hopefully an untethered jailbreak will follow, but an untethered jailbreak is harder to discover and produce which is why they tend to take longer to appear than the tethered jailbreak.  

I agree it is inconvenient so am personally sticking to my untethered jailbreak of the 4.4.4 firmware until an untethered jailbreak of the 5.0 firmware appears.   In reality as one rarely powers of the ATV2 (i.e. disconnect the power) but simply put it to sleep (standbye) the tethered boot jailbreak is not that big an inconvenience for most people and is certainly better than not having a jailbreak at all.