Need to Re-JB ??

Apparently, as I am no longer able to connect via SSH, I have a virus called iKee on my ATV.  I have read that the only cure is to re-JB and immediately re-set the password.  I have aTVFlash so understand I can back up my settings  so here are my questions:

  1. If I wait for an update to Firecore and upgrade from the aTV (via NitoTV?) is this the same as a full re-JB?  if so, will all the apps and settings be restored?

  2. If I re-JB, what gets restored?  Will the settings from aTV AND XBMC be restored?  Will settings to other apps and add-ons be restored?

  3. Will add-ons be restored or do I need to make a list and re-acquire?

  4. Will all scraped data be lost?


Sorry if this is elementary but I promise not to be a “noob” for long :slight_smile:

No, this only installs a new version of the software. To re-jailbreak you need to reflash the IPSW which will wipe the data.

You will lose all data. The only settings backed up through the maintenance menu are for fireCore products (I do believe).

You can backup your XBMC directory to your computer assuming you can SSH using the mobile account (same password as root).