Need to Jailbreak a new ATV2 running iOS 4.1

I just purchased a new Apple TV 2 that was still in the box after deciding my original XBox wasn’t cutting it any more. After opening it up and connecting it to the TV, I found it was running iOS 4.1. I’ve spent some serious time reading forums on here and other sites and it seems that I don’t want to run anything beyond iOS 4.3 due to performance issues for XMBC.


I’ve spent over twelve hours reading forums and trying different jailbreak methods, but with no luck.  I’ve backed up the SHSH for this ATV2 (running 4.1).  Normally after I’ve built a custom ipsw and get my ATV into DFU mode, I get a 3194 error.  Attempts at using TinyUmbrella and modifying my host file haven’t helped.  Ideally, someone could walk me through how to get my ATV2 running on iOS 4.3 while jailbroken.


Any and all advice is most welcomed.  Thanks.

You cannot do an update to the 4.3 release since Apple is no longer signing that release and you do not have 4.3 blobs for your particular device.

You have the option of going to a TETHERED jailbreak on either 4.4.2 or 5.0 releases of firmware. You need to check that you understand what a tethered jailbreak means. XBMC is meant to run on both of these releases, but I cannot talk from experience as I do not use XBMC since I much prefer the FireCore Media Player that is part of ATV Flash (black).

The 5.0 jailbreak is the easiest to do as this is the release that Apple is currently signing. To do this jailbreak simply use the latest SeasonPass and follow the standard instructions.

The 4.4.2 tethered jailbreak is possible even without saved blobs as described in . However it is a complicated multi-step process so rather error-prone.

I recommend to use the new iOS 5.0 and the tethered Jailbreak.
I runs very smoothly and it’s easy to install.

I had no idea when I bought a new ATV2 that the only jailbreak options would be tethered jailbreaks that don’t work well with XBMC.  The idea of having to re-jailbreak my ATV, reinstall XBMC and then reconfigure XBMC each time there’s a power outage is pretty unappealing.  I guess it’s a classic case of not putting in the hours reading through the forums and various sites.

Thank you both for taking the time to answer my questions and I’ll hope that there’s a untethered jailbreak in the future.  Good luck to all the smart guys that spend countless (thankless) hours working on jailbreaks like this.

Uve got it wrong if the power goes off all u have to do is boot tethered part everything in xbmc is saved you don’t need to do a full restore

I jailbreak (untethered) an Apple TV2, currently running 4.4.4  I just purchased another APPLE TV2, 4.3.1.  Tried to jailbreak it and got the same error (“Not eligible”).  When I jailbreak the 1st one, I saved the 4.4.4 Firmware.  Is there’s a way I can use this and have a successful untethered jailbreak?