Need to Install Adobe Flash???

Seas0nPass let me jailbreak my Apple tv, and the install went perfectly.


I installed Couchsurfer - AWESOME.


Quick question - Hulu et al say that I need to install Adobe Flash. I haven't tried to do so because I don't want to screw anything up. I thought FireCore was going to provide all the media players I needed.


How do I get flash player, support for HTML5, etc?


Much obliged!


Flash sucks. There is no need for it. Install  Plex and the plex server on your computer and you can  watch  hulu through that.  At least some content

just to clarify.. I don't work for them so I don't know for certain, but I don't think they've said they would get flash working, they were saying they'd get as many codecs to stream from your pc working as they could?  flash is unlikely on the ios platform at this point as far as I know (because as mentioned above, it sucks).

I'm pretty sure html5 will be covered if it isn't already.. not sure what you're referring to with the etc? :)

I am using XBMC and PlayOn to get my hulu and anything else I want.  without flash.  Thinking Plex does the same thing.  They are lots of DLNA servers applications with UPNP, and XBMC is a great UPNP client.