Need to Delete Share and Re-establish Plex Integration


There are regularly occurring instances where the Infuse TvOS application loses connection with Plex and makes all files unplayable, displaying an error on screen. This has occurred upon updating the Infuse app, turning off the NAS (DS 918+), and upon occasion rebooting the Apple TV.

In the Infuse App in Apple TV, the library still shows. However, selecting a video does not play and shows “an error occurred”. The way I have found to fix this issue is to then log into Plex, under “devices”, and delete the instance of the Infuse connection in Apple TV. Then, within the Infuse TvOS application delete the Share, and then reconnect to Plex using the barcode that appears on the screen. This re-establishes the Plex integration and videos now play again. As a side, the Plex TvOS application plays videos fine so not a NAS connection issue.

My thought is that when the disconnection occurs between Infuse and Plex, Plex doesn’t drop the connection in “devices” and when Infuse tries to connect again, it either sees it as already connected or perhaps a permission issue.

Sorry for my lack of technical explanations. Just trying to see if others have experienced or anything else you can think of to correct without having to essentially establish the Infuse-Plex integration from scratch.