Need recomendations for best LAN speeds

I am using an old ATV and I can tell you Ethernet isn’t the best option

I got between 100-150mbps with my HDD attached to my ac router, I use DD-WRT with miniDLNA/UPnP.

Also it’s slower using SMB share, based on infuse speed test.

Any of you got even better results pls share?

I saw there’s no recommendation on the KB but what does your experience/stats say for the NAS/HDD format and network protocal in order to obtain the best speed? And what could those speed be?

I skip/ff etc a lot so load speed matters to me.

When you use DLNA/UPnP you lose much of the functionality of the Library in Infuse. It’s much better to use SMB, FTP, or NFS. Which one depends on your equipment. Different protocols will be best for different systems.

You say SMB was slower but there are many settings to fine tune it so that may be an option. I personally use SMB and have had good streaming results for both ATV4 and ATV4K models.

You can read more about the differences and also ways to improve your speeds here

You can see some troubleshooting tips here.

What speed are you achieving with ATV4 and 4K?

Can you be specific? I actually do have both DLNA and SMB enabled using the exact same drive and hardware, and DLNA has a significant improvement. And when I need to search for a specific title I use the SMB protocal :laughing:. It’s cumbersome but until I figure out why/how SMB isn’t on par with DLNA speed…

Agreed and it’s also safer to stick with SMB imo…

ATV4 HD 1st Gen over 5Ghz WiFi using SMB set to Auto

ATV4K 1st Gen over Ethernet using SMB set to Auto

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Keep in mind the Apple TV HD (ATV4) has a 10/100 Ethernet port, so it’s normal to see faster speeds when using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet.

Apple added Gigabit Ethernet on the ATV4K, so Ethernet will definitely be faster on the newer models.

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You’re going to be limited by the processor on your router. Routers are meant to do one thing… route traffic. File sharing capabilities are added extra and are given less CPU priority (so they don’t impact routing performance). Your speeds are going to be capped when connecting an external drive to a router. If you want better performance consider investing in a proper 2 or 4 bay Ethernet connected NAS such as a one provided by synology

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Can you provide any infuse speed test results and your NAS model and infuse sharing protocol?

Agreed albeit I am using an arguably powerful router R7800, with 5400/7200 rpm drives I wonder how much improvement and what’s the max speed achievable?

Been thinking of whether to invest in the next gen ATV, Rpi/Odriod or NAS would give me the best bang for the buck :sunglasses:

Looks like we have the same ATV - the Siri remote without white circle and now “obsolete”.
It’s funny that with the exact same drive and router, DLNA/UPnP gives me a better performance. Try sharing the same files with DLNa and report your speed test for the fun of this discussion.

I have also tried flashing to the latest router build and SMB hasn’t imoroved - yet DLNA speed dropped🤯. My ATV is closed to the router to minimize interference/signal issues.

I don’t have any desire to run DLNA, I don’t want a simple video player, I like what Infuse offers with the Library function and the metadata layout.

As @JarvisMeier said, sharing a drive attached to a router is weak at best. If you’re looking to maximize your performance a NAS is going to be the easiest and longest lasting solution. Synology has some great devices in the two and four bay models that will work great.

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AppleTV over wifi to an Ethernet connected NAS:

SMB: 350Mbps
Plex: 760Mbps

I will say don’t get caught up the the mindset that ultra high speed is the only thing that matters.

If you read the users guide on the speed tests you’ll recall that in order to get things working you don’t need much. If things play well then more speed doesn’t make them play “weller” but some extra will cover some issues that you may encounter with some videos. :wink:

If you get 150Mbps then you’d be good for just about everything.

If you find yourself running into problems once you get things working “then” you can look at fine tuning speed needs.

What Speed Do I Need?

Below are some general minimum speed guidelines for different resolutions. Faster is always better. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 720p - 10 Mbps
  • 1080p - 20 Mbps
  • 4K - 65 Mbps

These speeds might work for streaming content, but for full blu-rays they max out at 40Mbps for HD and 128Mbps for 4K.

If you want to do 4K I recommend upgrading your Apple TV to one with gigabit Ethernet. WiFi just doesn’t cut it with 4K content. It might work sometimes but then you will also get dropouts and loading and scrubbing will take longer in general. Having a NAS will be a big improvement over a hd connected router. Lots for options, much faster, and more expandable.

If you want to take full advantage of gigabit LAN speed, use WebDav. WebDav is much faster than SMB3 in my experience while using Infuse over different versions and with both models of the AppleTV 4K. With WebDav running on a Synology NAS, I get full gigabit speed of 940mbps. With a SMB share on the same Synology NAS I average 300-400mbps - it’s a steep difference of performance. This difference of performance has always been strange to me because using SMB to transfer files between my NAS and MacOS devices yields full gigabit speed. But when using SMB with Infuse it takes a huge performance hit.

As others have shared, you’ll definitely want to eventually get away from using your router with an external hard drive as a primary share for Infuse. Synology is the standard for NAS devices but QNAP has a decent reputation as well. Or even a PC turned into a file server would be a good choice.

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I actually happen to have a Mac running server mode attached to the Ethernet with a shared folder and yet been slower than what I described above.

I’ll take a look at webdav, however not that many apps support webdav I imagine Kodi not being one of them.

Maybe we should ask, what problems are you having with your current set up? What type of videos are not playing?

I have been getting 5-600mbps download speed with ATV4 HD, but guilty as charged it’s getting slower with that A8 chip :wink:

You could try sharing out with NFS. I’ve had good speeds using NFS in the past.

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WebDav is a standard networking protocol. I’ve not run into any problem of not being able to use WebDav when needed - it’s a pretty efficient protocol. Infuse supports WebDav as does Synology’s apps and many other app developers.