Need Plex authentication?

One of the reasons I stopped using Plex was because they force you to authenticate on Apple TV.

I started to use Simple X which allowed me to use Plex server without authentication. But then the developer had to stop working on it when he went to work with Plex. I then bought Infuse.

When I heard the news about infuse & Plex I was a bit excited, but trying to set it up it seems like you have to authenticate. Is this correct? Why?

Is there anyway not to?

Thank you.

Yes, if you prefer not to log in to your Plex account you can enable DLNA in Plex (DLNA | Plex Support) and connect using the auto-detected share in Infuse.

This will allow you to access your Plex content, but you won’t be able to fetch metadata from Plex or keep watch history in sync.

I see… Thank you for your reply and suggestion. Is there a reason why (A Plex requirement or something)? Since I know it’s possible to connect without it.

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