Need metadata help for infuse - regarding the 1988 Chronicles of Narnia Series

Hey guys, I’ve run up against another problem with inFuse and metadata, while my other two solutions for streaming work just fine, Infuse is unable to tag the show.

According to both and the series has three seasons with 6 episodes each for each story.

However, on the DVD set I have, each story is played as one long movie, so, I have each labeled so it’s identified as part one of each three books the BBC did.

I will include screenshots for reference:

I tested this here, as was able to locate the correct series by searching for ‘Narnia’.

Thanks James, matching the first episode fixed the whole series and it was identified after that. Out of curiosity, why is Plex, and Serviio Media Server able to identify things on their own, but InFuse needs manual help? Don’t they all use the same sources, and naming schemes ? Am just curious, thanks.

Anyway, now that it’s fixed, it should sync through iCloud correct?

Each app has slightly different matching logic, so there may be some that work in one app but need manual help in others. FWIW, I’ve seen a number of cases where Infuse picks up the correct title automatically, but Plex needs manual help. :wink:

Once you make a correction on one device, it will sync to iCloud and be available to other devices.

Thanks again James, things are working as normal now, and I’m watching the series. By the way, this has been the first real problem I’ve had with matching content in InFuse, that hasn’t resolved itself in a long time.

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