Need Information on Lifetime Updates

I am using the Apple TV2 and would like to buy ATV Black.  While the Lifetime Updates option doubles to price, there is really very little information on this site about what it does and does not cover, making my decision difficult.


First let me ask what level of support I would receive a year from now should I not purchase the lifetime option.  Assuming ATV Black is still in development a year from now, and assuming Apple continues to update their firmware, will I still be able to download the latest ATV Black?  Will I still be able to install it?  Will I still be able to use it?


Now let’s say I do purchase the lifetime option.  If Apple releases the Apple TV 4 next year and Firecore decides to support it with a new product called ATV Purple, would I then be compelled to purchase that software at full price in order to stay atop the latest Apple TV technology?  Or would my lifetime updates cover me there?


Finally, is it possible to purchase the lifetime updates option down the road?  If so, what is the current price for this?



Good question and one that I would like an answer to as well. I have the Apple TV1 and, now, the Apple TV3 and about to purchase ATVFlash. Thinking that the lifetime option is not worth it if/when Apple bring out Apple TV4 etc., as I will probably upgrade anyway. In this case do we need another lifetime option?!


Would be nice to know the lifetime option covers the software whatever device you put it on. Thanks.

I know that the lifetime option covers both the ATV2 and ATV3 as they are both based on compatible versions of firmware at the OS level.   I would expect that if the next device is also iOS based (as seems likely) so that ATV Flash (black) can sensibly be enhanced to support it then it would be covered.   If however the enxt device is completely incompatible so that FireCore have to start again from scratch then I expect it would not be covered (as for example when the ATV1 which was Intel based was replaced by the ATV2 which is ARM based and had completely different firmware).  

Having said that I do not see the ATV3 being replaced any time in the near future - I think it probably has a 2 year lifetime.   It overcame the obvious disadvantage of the ATV2 which was limited to 720p resolution while most people now ahve TV’s capable of 1080p.

Can we expect a Firecore rerepresentative to post here and answer these questions?  I would also like to know what problems I should anticipate if I choose not to purchase the Lifetime option.

I would expect an answer is likely after the Easter weekend.  I expect that they are not around at the moment.

In terms of problems, once your support period expires you can no longer expect bug fixes and/or upgrades.

ATVFLASH Lifetime updates  for 2nd & 3rd generation ATV (BLACK) will cover 2nd & 3rd generation ATV (BLACK).

At the moment Firecore does not have ATVFlash for ATV4 or ATV5,purple or blue, but if Firecore  will have it I am shure it is going to be another product . 

In a nutshell, you are guaranteed that your lifetime aTV Flash (black) license will cover the devices stated at the time of purchase (ATV2 and when available ATV3). The ATV 4, 5, 6 could potentially be covered by your aTV Flash (black) license as well, but since these do not exist yet, and no one knows what they will look like, we’re not able to know whether or not aTV Flash (black) will support them.

aTV Flash (black) will continue to work on your AppleTV even if your license has expired, however you may not have access to new features (which may include support for newer AppleTV FW versions).

Support will always be available whether you have an active license or not.

Hope this helps.

I’m inpressed that you are supporting ATV 3 with the ATV 2 licence,
That’s a great deal, glad I paid for lifetime support!!

how about getting the lifetime updates on the road?, I purchase mine while in beta, and don´t recall being able to get lifetime updates at the time just a year after the release of the official ATV Flash Black, we will be able to get the lifetime option ?