Need Help

Ok so i have this apple tv 2nd generation that is currently on ios 4.3 now i went to save the shsh blobs and found that i had ios 4.3 cached in ifaith. When i tried to download that it would save. Tried in seasonpass says can#t find any. Anyways i used the blob and i was sucessful in going back to a fresh ios 4.3. Set up everything and it worked. Now i wanted to jailbreak it on 4.3 unethered. This is where the porblem is i used seasonpass it failed with a 1600 error. Used snowbreeze and would#t work. Anytime id search for that blob it wouldn#t show up when trying to jailbreak but when restoring it would show up. The shsh blob looks like this 000002028D1ED5AE_4.3-8F455_cache.ifaith  it does#nt end in the noramal .shsh. Any help with this. Im not a newbie when it comes to apple tv but this one isn#t working no matter what i do.