Need Help with untethered jailbreak

I have an Apple TV 2 which is currenty jailbroken and is useing os 5.0 but its a Tethered jailbreak as I did it long time back when untethered was not there, I understand that an untethered version is there and up to os 5.2. I can’t seem to find out how I can up date to version 5.2 oe even make my tethered apple tv 2 to untethered with the same os. I have used Seas0nPass but the new one tries to download verison 5.3 which is not untethered which I don’t want I can’t even seem to restore my apple tv 2 with 5.2 as i get the stupid error 3194 even when i edit my host file it gives me same error. I have both mac and pc so can work on any which ever is easy to work it.

Can anyone plese help me as I looked everywhere and can’t seem to figure it out. 


Thank you

as of today u can only update ure device to 5.3  unless u have some saved older blobs for ure apple tv,

Check the firmware it has to see if an untether jailbreak is available, if it is, use Latest iFaith on the pc and extract the shsh blobs, then go to your mac latest season pass right click create ipsw, a menu will appear, choose your version, with the apple tv plugged in to usb and it will do all process automatically.